About Bluedogg 

With over 30 years in the trenches and on the forefront of innovative products, client solutions and in-depth communications, founder Susan Patton has assembled a talented team of professionals focused on client success.

From award-winning product introductions, to innovative custom publishing endeavors and best-of-class PR and advertising campaigns (finalist in American Business Media Advertising Awards 2009), Bluedogg has positioned itself as a the 'go-to' resource in the fine art, photo and graphics marketplace.

Individual artists and photographers, as well as museums, promoters and coporations supplying the creative community reach out for project and campaign assistance from concept to completion - or simply consultation.  No project is too large or too small. We treat everyone with respect and confidentiality.

The way Bluedogg operates is 'simply efficient.' Contact us, and we'll discuss your type of product, service, business or idea. After a 30 minute consultation, we will decide if there is mutual interest in further discussion or assessment of developing a plan for working together.

To move forward, we'll meet to discuss the objectives, and go over Bluedogg service and pricing models examining what direction to take to help you reach your goals.

A business relationship can be as concise as a single meeting, or a year-long (and beyond) project. Every instance has different needs, and phases of maturity. But I promise you this; we're easy to work with, we enjoy our work, and most importantly we are passionate about your success!

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