How do I hire Bluedogg?
First - a consultation / second a working agreement. Upon the initiation of a working relationship, we send you a contract proposal and develop the pricing model based upon the phases of the project, and how you want Bluedogg to be involved. We like to establish your core objectives up front so that we establish common goals and measuring points throughout the working channel, while building in flexibility for adaptation as work progresses and modifications may be weaved into the original goals. 

After the consultation - then what - how do you determine costs for working together?
Each case is different. Sometimes it's an hourly fee or a lump sum for a set amount of hours. Often it's a retainer-driven relationship.Sometimes it may involve commissions. We offer additional a la carte services with or without retainer contracts in place. Other projects are quoted by the type of project. initial payment is required before we invest time in research, and subsequent meetings.

What if I just need an hour or so to bat around some ideas, how can I pay for that?
In those situations, we'll schedule the time and will collect payment at the meeting. Between the initial consult and appt. time, we will have researched what we can about your project or specific marketplace, and be prepared to provide you with usable info right from the beginning of the session.

How do I pay Bluedogg?
First time clients are required to pay a deposit, and the balance throughout the job is based upon the parameters of the individual project and what has been determined at the beginning of the relationship. One-to-one consultations requiring an hourly fee, are charged $150.00 for the first hour, and $95.00 per hour after that, and up to the first 10 hours, and $85.00 per hour after thereafter on the same project. One of our staff can be booked for a day meeting or event, or several conseuctive days with prior scheduling. Our daily fee varies, as does the billed expenses incurred on behalf of the client. 

Why are you called Bluedogg?
Loyalty. Tenacity. Ingenuity. We show our deepest respect and admiration for those well-know canine characteristics by weaving them into our business ethic. "Bluedogg" is also a term referring to an insightful working dog. Not be confused with 'working like a dog', but rather showcasing  instincts and honed skills which present therein, a well-done job.
We support, volunteer, and foster rescued companion animals in our local community, and provide outreach and free services to numerous non-profit civic, social and professional organizations. Please consider helping out the people and pets in your area.

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